LED Lights

LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’, or an electronic semiconductor component. LED lights have proven their advantages over traditional lighting systems over the last years. The cutting-edge, green & energy saving technology offers limitless opportunities ahead!

DIWEKIYO collaborates with two leading companies in the LED Lights market – Octa Light and El&So. These strategic partnerships allow us to offer you customized light design and planning, as well as a guarantee for a 100% EU products and high quality, based on extensive research.

The portfolio of LED Light products grows, as does the demand for this type of lighting solutions. All types of LED lights are offered within our enabLED program.

enabLED program
Replacing traditional lighting with LED lights could result in as much as 93% less energy consumption for our clients. Our enabLED program offers the opportunity to replace the wasteful and energy inefficient lighting installation with LED lights, without any capital expenditure on your side.

DIWEKIYO funds the project, by sponsoring the installation replacement and covers the investment costs over a period of time out of the savings resulting from the reduced energy consumption. The repayment of the new LED installation is a simple and straight forward process, which does not cause any budgetary strain on the client.

The immediate benefits of our enabLED program:

  • Upgraded lighting network
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Decrease in maintenance costs due to long product life
  • Automatic repayment schedule that does not affect the budget of the client

Read more about our enabLED program here.

LED Fixtures
Highly efficient, with a good colour binning and a wide range of colour temperatures, our LED fixtures, BULLSTAR, comply with all ENERGY STAR® Programme guidelines on solid light sources. They are environmentally safe as they do not contain lead, mercury or arsenic.
Our LED fixtures are powerful high-brightness light emitting, tested and packed in plastic tubes, 50 pcs per tube, with all products within a tube having the same bin combination.
The diodes create a homogenous white light with no shadow effect and allow all possible applications in exterior, interior, industrial and architectural lighting.

The LED Science

Please feel free to download the catalogs of our partners here:

Decorative lighting

Lighting solutions used in domestic and business environments to enhance the lighting experience, while optimising energy use. See catalog.

Industrial lighting

Lighting designed especially to meet the needs of larger facilities, like auto services, production plants, industrial buildings, etc. See catalog.

Interior lighting

Lighting used in interior to improve design, energy efficiency and control over the lighting environment. See catalog.

Exterior lighting

The long product life, efficient energy use and integrated video options make LED lights perfect for street and park lights, façade lighting, etc. See catalog.

Specialized LED lighting

LED lights due to their qualities can be used in very specialized fields and provide optimal results with solutions like infrared lights, antibacterial lights, etc. See catalog.

Solar lighting

LED based photovoltaic lighting systems, which use the solar energy to make sure that the lighting system is as self sustained as possible. See catalog.


Retrofits LED lights provide an alternative to changing the whole installation and make use of the advantages of LED, while using the existing sockets (E14, E27, T8 etc.). See catalog.