System Integration & Development

DIWEKIYO specialises in prepaid and postpaid billing, interconnect billing, fraud prevention and online control, while constantly expanding our portfolio and building on our expertise.

The goal is to deliver quick and cost-effective solutions, tailored to the needs of each client. By studying the strategic and operational objectives of your company, we define a roadmap to integrate the existing architecture, databases, file structures, content management tools and business applications into one holistic system.

With our expertise in working for different clients from large enterprises like Telekom Austria (A1, VipMobile) to small private companies that are just entering the market, we are experienced in identifying challenges and finding the suitable IT or telecom solutions and guarantee you a quick and sustainable return on investment.

DIWEKIYO’s outsourcing software development services include application and product development. Using the latest technologies we create powerful solutions focused on critical areas like increasing revenues and enhancing customer relations.

We work with Business-to-Business partners and clients, and in the private sector, where our SmartHouse solutions integrate technology, DIWEKIYO’s quality standards, and expertise in complete project management.

IT&Telecom software solutions

Software solutions that improve business performance by integrating existing and new systems for IT&Telecom into one holistic system

SmartHouse software solutions

Developing and maintaining software that supports all systems within a SmartHouse environment and provide you a complete overview

Energy management software solutions

SmartMetring and software for management of lighting solutions to give a complete overview of energy usage