About Us


Founded in 2012, DIWEKIYO Solutions is a young and dynamic organisation. We work with clients and partners from Austria and other European countries to provide qualitative and customised end-to-end solutions to our clients.


The expertise of our team lies in the areas IT& Telecom and New Technologies. We specialize in development, integration and support in the areas of billing and customer care for both the prepaid and postpaid markets, interconnect billing and fraud control, project management and outsourcing activities. As we believe in the sustainable potential of New Technologies, we provide end-to-end LED lighting and SMARTHOUSE solutions.


Our mission at DIWEKIYO Solutions is to provide sustainable and ecological solutions to clients by developing customized advice, offering innovative products and collaborating with partners. We aim to maximize customer satisfaction by offering a competitive and cutting edge service, tailored to the needs of each client.

We aim to offer excellent project management including planning and design, risk analysis, implementation, evaluation and control at each phase of a project with regular reports.


Our vision is of a world where each organisation or person has the power to be in charge of every aspect of the surrounding environment, while making conscious and sustainable decisions with respect to society and nature.


providing high quality service,products and customised solutions based on the latest innovations and trends


looking for sustainable and long term solutions which increase the effectiveness of organizations and households while providing comfort and improving the quality of work and life


valuing interaction and collaboration with all partners to achieve high customer satisfaction as well as long-term partnerships