Our partners


Octa Light AD was established in 2010 as a research and manufacture centre based entirely in Europe. The scientific and technical potential of the company has brought about the creation of BULLSTAR – a powerful light emitting diode, specially designed for maximum light output at maximum optical efficiency and optimum heat emission.

Octa Light is a fully integrated supplier, offering core light emitting devices in all three base colors – Red, Green, Blue, and white, as well as exotic colours as requested by the client.

The company was established in 2012 as a materialization of the five year positive experience of the team in the production of LED luminaries and the performance of complex projects for LED street and interior lighting.

El&So focusses on the development and production of innovative high quality and price-competitive products meeting customers’ needs and demands as well as providing tailor-made solutions to individual clients;

Telesoft Consulting was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1996. During the 15 years of operation in the Telecoms sector Telesoft has gained extensive experience and working knowledge during a period when the telecoms market has experienced rapid growth and the introduction of many new technologies.

Telesoft has completed various types of operations including the launch of new mobile networks, the migration of new billing systems and the development of revenue assurance solutions. Furthermore, Telesoft is currently working in the area billing for living environments, software for managing SmartHouse projects.