DIWEKIYO SmartHouse solutions provide an intelligent and sustainable way to control your business and domestic expenses. It provides near real time information, including access/security policy or video control for your office, store, private house or organization.

This new technology is environmentally friendly and helps minimize the CO2 emissions while having a quick return on investment. Once implemented, it only gets cheaper with any price increase of the energy costs.

DIWEKIYO SmartHouse solutions are suitable for construction and property management companies who want to have control over their activities during the guarantee period or during normal operations thanks to the online system that alarming byon failures.

Pilot projects show that SmartHouse is the forthcoming trend in organizational CSR and domestic management. DIWEKIYO has a strategic partnership with Telesoft Consulting and thus we provide you with an end-to-end solution – from planning and design, to implementation and software services.


Control the lights both inside and outside of the house, when you come home late in the evening or when you are away for a longer period


Manage the temperature at home to decrease energy use and enjoy the right temperature as soon as you enter the house


Control all alarm and security systems at home through a remote and open the garage door as soon as you approach the driveway


Set an alarm for the morning, record your favourite programme, or prepare your morning coffee as soon as you get out of bed with one click